The Tale of Tavarua took place early in the 19th century. Ratu (Chief) Kini Vosailagi was the powerful Ka Levu (Paramount Chief) of the entire Southwestern region of Fiji. Upon visiting the outer island of Malolo, Ratu Kini was tricked, possibly by family members, separating him from the safety of his tribal warriors and following an ambush he was mortally wounded.

Fleeing his attackers, Ratu Kini used his remaining strength to swim several miles to Tavarua Island, where he died wounded and exhausted. The owners of Tavarua Island, although blameless in the death of the Ka Levu, feared they would be seen as co-conspirators and would face brutal revenge. So they gave Tavarua to Ratu Kini’s family to insure their own safety.

Today, the current Ka Levu and community members have allowed Tavarua to be modestly developed into a small vacation resort where you can find beautiful and colorful sealife and world-class surfing waves. You may also find Druku, the great-great grandson of Ratu Kini, fishing, surfing or laughing with the guests. As for Ratu Kini buried on the island, his spirit and legacy lives on through anyone who visits Tavarua.

So much history . . .
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