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Bula Vinaka Kade and Kyra Ketcheson will never be the same ! We are in love with the sacred place and the people 'Mahalo from Kona Hawaii

Turtle hatching was so adorable and brightened up a gray day like nothing else.

Tavarua is awesome, when you first get there you feel excited. When you get there you meet this lady and she gives you a free necklace that has shells on it.When I got there I felt happy and kind of excited. When was walking I saw these steps that led up onto a patio and I saw the pool. I was happy there was a pool with a mini waterfall but sad because it was a salt water pool that made my eyes hurt badly so I just had to ignore the burning. I went to the ping-pong table and pool table which was in a small hut. The ping-pong table was so cool, after I played ping-pong I had some play time with my friends, we played hide and go seek tag. My friends hid so well once I got lost looking for them. We would have a buffet for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I loved Tavarua and when we left I was so sad and I almost cried because it was like a paradise and the food was so good. Once we had pumpkin pie for dessert. I was so sad that we left and I still want to go back. The words of my then 8 year old ...2 years ago he still talks about this vacation almost daily!

We just got back from another incredible trip to Tavarua for the holiday break and scored some surf, sun, and fun. The kids, wife and myself are missing our Tavarua family already. We brought a few first timers this trip and they are raving about our trip and can't wait to come back. See Ya Soon Vinaka and Merry XMAS The Peniata Family Eric,Eryn,Brayden,Taj, and Marley PS My kids are bummed that I can't make cinnamon rolls like the kitchen girls

To all our Tavarua boy and girl friends - in the words of Joe Cocker "you are so beautiful". We brought our children and grand children for the first time - the "love you". They/We are all feeling so sad that we have to leave. So far this is our all time favorite family vacation. We wish you all a very merry, happy and blessed Christmas. Till we meet again, Bula Vinaka from all 18 of the Steve & Cindy Lang family. P.S. Cindy said she's never been happier!

I came to Tavarua on a girly weekend and had the best time ever!! The boat boys were incredible in attending to our every whim, the food was amazing and your staff are so friendly. The Tavarua atmosphere is so peaceful. I loved every minute of being on the island. I can't wait to come back soon. Best wishes for the Christmas Season. Nicola Foster

Was fortunate enough to come to Tavarua for the first time in April. The best trip of my life, and I just booked my return for 2012.

After working for the resort and getting to know and love the Fijians in 1995, Tavarua has always been on my mind and in my heart. I was lucky to have spent time with the most beautiful humans on the planet. Sure the surf was great, but you find the people are what make the magic and the memories. I have not been back since 2008 but I hope to visit again soon. Bula Vinaka to my family on Tavy. Thank you for making my memories and dreams so much better :)

I have been going to Tavarua for over 20 years and was very interested to see how the new decree would effect the surf breaks from a crowd perspective. To my surprise I was blown away with the variety of surf spots and light crowds. I was able to manuever around and always be surfing a wave with good wind conditions. To have the boats available at all times was a blessing because I would come in from Cloudbreak and then get a boat with my son to Swimming Pools. Its truly set up for a full family experience and for surfers of all levels. Its now like a snow resort. If you want to ride the beginner lift you can and if you want to get in some trouble and get your heart pumping you can. Cloudbreak got a bit congested on the smaller days but one 5 foot set sent people running back to the boats. There just isn't the volume of experienced surfers in Fiji as compared to Bali. I'm not stopping my annual Tavarua trip anytime in the future! Stoked, BOOTHY

it is better - with more options to surf now, that more than makes up for an ‘expected’ crowd sometimes at Cloudbreak. The people of Tavarua are still amazing with all the great hospitality. I’ll be back….

Hey guys, once again we had a wonderful experience. Thanx for all your hard work that makes it all happen. Our 7 year old granddaughter Adrian, went to Disneyland yesterday. I said wow that must've been sooo fun! She said "umm actually Grampa, after you go to Tavarua, Disneyland doesn't really seem that fun." Take care, Bob

Coming to Tavarua is a highlight for my family every year. I surf great waves at Cloudbreak, then come in and surf Kiddie Land with my kids. We all have a great time! - Joel Parkinson
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